Categories of Safari Accomodations


Choosing the perfect accomodation for your Safari is a very challenging task. Around 40% of the cost of your Safari is accomodations. Therefore, having the right safari accomodation is very important as it can make or break your safari. Having said that, the sheer number of options available makes it a very difficult challenge.

For example, just in Masai Mara there are over 300 accomodations options to choose from!

When we started our journey, it became clear very quickly that we needed a system to categorise these accomodations. Since there is no existing standard in place, we decided to categorize them ourselves.

We offer 5 classes of accommodation on safari - Economy, Standard, Comfort, Premium and Luxury. Prices increase from Economy to Standard to Comfort to Premium or Luxury.

Our Rating System

To begin, we visited every lodge. We won't recommend a lodge which we have not visited ourselves. We try to visit the lodges once a year, to make sure we keep our ratings updated and to account for any change in service or other parameters.

Broadly, we use a number of parameters to rate a lodge. Here are some of the main ones.


The first parameter we look at is the cost of staying there. More than cost, we also look at the value for money which the lodge delivers.


We rate the lodge based on it's location. Location can be access from town and location can also be location with respect to the park and wildlife. How far from the gate? Access for hot lunch?


You are on a safari to experience wildlife. So we need to know what wildlife in the area around the lodge? How likely are you to encounter the wildlife that particularly interests you?


Meals are a make or break decision point. So we try to understand how the meals are served and try to experience the meals ourselves. Does the lodge serve buffet or ala carte.? How flexible are they to cater to specific dietary requirments?


How friendly are the staff? Are they well prepared? When we visit the lodges, we make it a point to visit unannouced. Do the staff go above and beyond to make the customers feel special? Is the linen clean?


How are the rooms furnished? Is there a swimming pool?

Example in Masai Mara

The above points are quite subjective. To highlight the difference, let's take an example of staying in Masai Mara, and we show one lodge from each category.


Mara Fisi Camp


Explore Nature Mara


Oseru Enaru


Basecamp Masai Mara


Ashnil Mara




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