Frequently asked Covid-19 related questions in Tanzania

Do I need a negative COVID-19 certificate to enter the country?

Effective from 17th March 2022 a fully vaccinated traveler is exempted from both RT PCR and Rapid Antigen Test requirements. Travelers will be required to present a valid vaccination certificate with QR code for verification upon arrival. The only accepted vaccines are those which have been approved by the URT and the World Health Organization.

Below are some of the measures the govenment had implemented with respect to international travellers entering the country:

  • You have to fill in an online Traveller's Surveillance form available at for Tanzania mainland and for Zanzibar within 24 hours before arrival to Tanzania. Please check the link for more details about the same.

  • Not fully vaccinated and those not eligible for vaccination due to their country policy will be required to present a negative COVID-19 RT- PCR or NAATs certificate with QR code obtained within 72 hours before departure. Travelers originating from countries listed at or Points of Entry will be tested for COVID 19 upon arrival using Rapid Antigen Test at their own cost of 10 USD (TZS 23,000) for Tanzania Mainland. If found positive they will be tested with the RT-PCR for confirmation, allowed to self isolate and the results will be sent via email or any other means.

You can check the latest travel advisory from Tanzania at

What is the process of getting a COVID-19 PCR test in Tanzania?

Below is the official link provided by the Tanzanian government to apply for covid test.

Once you open the link you need to enter your passport number followed by the region and the hospital you want to get tested in. Below is the screenshot of the same for your reference:

Covid testing homepage

If you are in Moshi please select the Kilimanjaro region and If you are in Arusha please select the Arusha region.

region selection

Next select the required hospital/testing centre. We recommend Mawenzi regional referral hospital in Kilimanjaro region and Mount Meru regional referral hospital in Arusha region.

Next select the date when you would like to get the test done. Please note that the portal has a time frame of 2 weeks,hence you cannot select a date beyond 2 weeks from the date of application.

date selection

Once the date is selected, you will be asked to fill in your information. Under Traveller type select "Traveller".

Traveller type

Then select your nationality:


Once you select your Nationality, you will be asked to fill in a series of personal details.

personal details

Once the details are filled, you will be able to book an appointment for covid testing.

Kindly note: If you are applying for more than one person then you are required to give different email ID’s to get individual acknowledgement.

Where can I get the test done in karatu?

You can get the test done in Karatu by selecting “Arusha region” under the region drop down and then choose the required hospital. We recommend Fame medical health center. Attached is the screenshot of the same for your reference:

Arusha region

Where can I get the test done in Serengeti?

You can take the test in central Serengeti by selecting Mara region in the drop down and then selecting Musoma regional Referral hospital under the drop down. Attached is the screenshot of the same for your reference:

serengeti region

These test results take anywhere from 48 to 72 hours. Kindly plan your trip keeping this time frame in mind.

How much does it cost for the RT PCR test and how do I pay for it in Tanzania?

As per the current government rule, the RT-PCR test costs USD 50 per person and it is usually paid via M-pesa or Bank transfer to the Tanzanian government, but since you don't have access to this you can pay it to our Briefing manager before departure in cash (USD) and he shall make the payment for you. However, please note that you will have to book the Covid test yourself by filling the form and provide us the control number (application number) to make the payment.

In addition to the RT PCR test costs charged by govt, sample collection centers in remote locations (Karatu, Serengeti) charge additional fees in the range of $10-17 per person which can be paid in cash directly at the sample collection centers. This is not applicable for sample collection centers in cities like Arusha/Moshi/Zanzibar/Dar es Salaam.

If you want us to handle all the charges and avoid any unnecessary delays, then you can pay this additional charges along with the test charges to our briefing manager before departure. The charges are USD 67 per person for COVID-19 test in Serengeti and USD 65 for COVID-19 test in Karatu.

Is advance booking or prior appointment needed?

Yes, prior booking has to be done through the above mentioned link.

The test centres in Arusha and Karatu are open from 8:30am to 12:30pm on all the days.

The test centres in Serengeti are open on all the days except for Sunday from 8:30am to 12:30pm.

How long will it take to get the results?

It takes a minimum of 48 hours and a maximum of 72 hours to get the results. You will have to provide a working contact number while giving the sample, so that the hospital can contact you when you need to collect your results (Online/Offline).

How do I get my certificate online?

Click on the given link: Click on the CERTIFICATE / CHETI button. Enter your passport details in the space given below and click on the search button.


You can then download the certificate.

Attached below is the screenshot of the sample covid certificate for your reference:

Certificate test

Kindly Note: Sometimes the results may take up to 3 working days hence kindly plan your travel keeping the time frame in mind.

Can I get a Rapid Antigen test? If yes, How much and where?

Yes, you can get a Rapid Antigen test done in Tanzania at Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO). The tests cost USD 25 per person. To get this test done you will have to be present five hours before your scheduled boarding time.

Do I require a COVID negative certificate when entering Tanzania from Kenya?

Yes, a COVID negative certificate is required to enter Tanzania from Kenya.

Do I need to take a RT-PCR test before departing Tanzania even if my airlines & my destination country does not require the same?

If your airlines or your destination country does not require a RT-PCR test, we recommend you to check-in 5 hours early at airport and get a rapid test done as our clients have been asked for this in cases where they didn't require/posses RT PCR results while departing from Tanzania.

When and where should you get the tests done?

We recommend you to share your travel plan and your flight schedule with our travel consultant. They will go through your schedule, analyse and suggest the best time and location to get the test done so that you don’t spend extra time waiting for results.

What can you do while you are waiting for results?

There are various activities that one can do while waiting for the results to come. Instead of sitting in your room and counting time before the results are announced, you can explore more of our beautiful country. Below are some of the Day tour and 2 day safaris that we at Monkey Adventures offer:

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