Payments options for your upcoming Uganda trip

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We require a deposit amount equal to the costs of Gorilla permits to reserve the tour. Gorilla permits have to be booked in advance as they are limited to a certain number of travelers in a day.

The deposit can be paid through the following ways

  1. Bank Transfer (Recommended)
  2. Card


The outstanding balance has to be paid before the tour can start.

Balance can be paid through the following ways

  1. Bank transfer (Recommended)
  2. Card
  3. Cash (Cash US Dollars printed on 2009 or later)

How to Pay?

Local Currency Bank Transfer (Recommended) - We offer a local bank account in many countries such as the USA, UK, Belgium for EU, Singapore, etc. This means you can transfer money in your local currency, such as Euros in the EU or Pounds in the UK.

SWIFT Transfer - For other countries, you can transfer the amount via international wire (SWIFT) to our USA Bank account.

Cards - You can make the payment online, but there is a 5% surcharge because of card fees. We accept all types of cards (Visa, Master, Amex, Credit or Debit, etc)

Cash - You can pay our team once you meet us for briefing in US Dollars printed on or after the year 2009. Notes should not have any writings on them or be torn.

Please Note: All bank transfers are required to be initiated at least 2 weeks before the tour start date. Having said that we recommend 4 weeks before the tour start date. Bank account details are available only on our website, and will not be shared via email for safety reasons.

We recommend clearing any balances well before the tour starts to avoid last-minute complications, such as a card being declined, or a bank transfer being rejected and returned.


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