Safety of Valuables on Kilimanjaro

While it's rare, thefts do occasionally happen in East Africa, as anywhere else in the World. We request our clients to be always vigilant about their valuables.

Please carry all valuables with you at all times. We recommend carrying all valuables in your day pack only, and to keep it with you in person at all times. Please do not leave the valuables in your tent at any point in time, even when going to toilets in camps or while having meals in mess tents.

Please don't leave any valuables in the backpack or duffel bag which will be carried by porters.

You are responsible for your valuables throughout the Journey. Monkey Adventures or its associates or agents will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items while on the trek.

To further protect yourself, we highly recommend travel insurance which covers you against theft.

In the unfortunate event of any theft or robbery, we will help you lodge a complaint immediately with park rangers and tourism police department.

In the event of lost items, if our team is able to locate the items, we will promptly inform clients. But any charges incurred in sending the lost items to clients, will be borne by clients.

For hotels in the City, some of the areas outside hotel might not be safe for tourists to walk. Please always discuss with your hotel manager before venturing out for a walk.


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