Plastic bags are banned in Tanzania

Hope you are excited about your upcoming trip to Tanzania. We have been notified by the Tanzanian Government that the use of plastic bags is not permitted anymore.

For all travelers coming to Tanzania it is imperative to note the information below to avoid delay on arrival at any one of our airports. Do spread the word to all your fellow travelers who are traveling with you.

Effective 1st June 2019, all passengers arriving at any Tanzania airport including tourists can possibly face heavy fines for using plastic bags in any way, shape or form. Using, manufacturing or importation of plastic bags, including garbage bags and shopping bags is illegal.

Offenders, including tourists, could face heavy fines.

Visitors/Citizens and Residents alike are advised to avoid packing any plastic bags in their suitcases or in carry-on hand luggage before flying to Tanzania. Items purchased at the airport before boarding the aircraft should be removed from plastic bags.

Please check hand luggage before disembarking at entry points and any plastic bags should be left in the plane.

Transparent "zip-lock" plastic bags that some airlines require passengers to use for keeping liquids, cosmetics, toiletries etc separately in hand luggage are permitted.

Hydrapacks, water bladders, and other reusuable plastic water bottles are permitted.

We are providing this information on a best effort basis. We will try to update this information as we get to know more from the authorities. Meanwhile, we are not liable if any information on this page is incorrect, as the information is very preliminary at this point.

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