What currencies are accepted for balance payments in Tanzania?

The most common structure for payment for your tour in Tanzania or Kenya is to pay a deposit amount online (30% for Kilimanjaro treks, 30% for Safaris) and the balance in cash.

We accept only US Dollars as the currency for the balance payment. We won't be able to accept any other currency for balance payment.

The reason is simple. US Dollars is an official currency in Tanzania. And all park fees are charged in US Dollars. All lodges also accept US Dollars and quote all their prices in US Dollars.

Our recommendation

We highly recommend you convert your local currency into US Dollars with your home bank before your travel to Tanzania. The rates that you get in Tanzania will be far lower than what your local bank will offer you.

Also, since we have to do, two exchanges, 1) From your local currency to Tanzania Shilling and 2) From Tanzania Shillings to US Dollars, you will lose more than 10%

Can Monkey Adventures change currency?

No, we can't. But, we can help you by taking you to a bank which can exchange currency. There are many places in Moshi and Arusha where you can easily exchange currency.

UPDATE: Currency can be exchanged only in banks due to recent government order.

What exchange rate will you apply?

We don't apply any exchange rate. We will take you to a money exchange office and the rate will be charged by the money exchange office itself.

As a general recommendation, as with all tourist places, the exchange rate offered by the local office will be lower than what your local bank will offer you.

As an example, the currency rate as per xe.com on 10th January, 2018 was

  • USD - TSH 2244
  • Euro - TSH 2684
  • GBP - TSH 3303

Here are a couple of photos we have taken of exchange rate offered. Please note that the date is again 10th January, 2018.

image image (1)


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