How To Book a Safari Tour with Monkey Adventures

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Embarking on your dream tour is just a few steps away. In this article, we'll walk you through the step-by-step process of securing your dream tour effortlessly. From choosing the perfect itinerary to finding the ideal accommodations,we'll walk you through the seamless process of reserving your spot on an unforgettable adventure with us!

If your are yet to plan out your journey and need help with it, be sure to check out our page on How to Plan A Safari in Tanzania - In 15 Easy Steps.

Let us then quickly dive in and figure out how you can easily book your tour with us today.

Step 1: Finding The Perfect Itinerary

The first step in planning your tour to Tanzania is to click on the Tanzania option located in the header of the website. By selecting this option, you will be seamlessly redirected to the dedicated Tanzania tours page. To jump to that page right now, please click here.This page serves as a gateway to a wide array of tour options available specifically in Tanzania.

Once you have landed on the Tanzania tours page, you will notice a range of useful filters that can help you refine your search. These filters allow you to customise your tour according to your preferences. You can start by selecting a desired starting date, specifying the size of your party, and setting the minimum and maximum duration of the tour. Additionally, if you have more specific preferences or requirements, you can choose tour features such as group or private tours, the great migration, or select specific national parks to further tailor the results to your liking.

As you apply these filters, the website will update the tour results section, displaying tours that match your selected criteria. In this results section, you will find a comprehensive list of available tours, each accompanied by the per-person prices. These prices are typically presented with low-priced ensuite accommodations, allowing you to get a sense of the tour's affordability and make an initial assessment of your options.

Feel free to explore the list of tours and evaluate the different offerings based on their itineraries, highlights, and prices. When a particular tour catches your interest, simply click on it, and a new tab will open, providing you with more detailed information about that specific tour.

If you are still facing trouble finding the perfect itinerary, please drop us an email and we will happily help you find your perfect itinerary.

Step 2: Finding The Right Accommodation

Once you have opened the tour page, you will be presented with a day-by-day quick summary of the tour's itinerary. This summary provides you with a clear overview of the activities, destinations, and experiences you can expect throughout the duration of the tour. Going through this summary will allow you to understand whether the tour will align with your interests and preferences.

Below the day-by-day summary, you will find further options to adjust your dates and party size, enabling you to fine-tune the tour according to your specific requirements. This flexibility ensures that the tour can be personalised to accommodate your preferred travel dates and the number of individuals in your group.

Additionally, on the tour page, you will come across pricing details that encompass different accommodation options. If the tour offers basic camping as an option, you will find prices associated with that choice. However, if you prefer a more comfortable and convenient experience, ensuite accommodations will be available. These ensuite accommodations are categorized into different options, typically labeled E1 to E5 or E7, denoting varying levels of accommodation standards and pricing tiers. As you move from E1 to E5 (or E7), the prices increase, indicating a higher level of comfort and amenities. To understand how these accommodations are categorised, check out our guide to safari accommodation classification system.

To proceed with your booking, you can select the specific accommodation option that best suits your preferences and budget. Once you have made your choice selections, you may reach out to our team to check the availability of the selected accommodations. They will assist you in verifying the availability and provide you with any additional information or clarification you may need to work towards finalising your booking.

Step 3. Provisional Booking Stage

Once you select an itinerary and accommodations and travel dates are fixed and inform us of your interest in proceeding with the tour plan, we check availability of accommodations and airlines (domestic) for your dates as per tour plan and if they are available, we temporarily block them for a period of about 5-7 days.

If any of the accommodations or flights that are part of your tour plan are not available, we share alternative accommodations and flights that are close to the price range and location originally chosen by you. After receiving your confirmation we will check the availability, and block the ones that are available. This process can take a few iterations depending on how busy your travel period is and how much in advance you are planning.

After we are able to block all accommodations (that are approved by you) required for your tour plan, we share the tour summary in a mail that includes itinerary, accommodations, meal plan for each day inclusions, exclusions, special notes, cancellation policy, payment details and payment links.

You will be required to pay a deposit within 3 days (It can be less for bookings close to travel date). Deposit required can range between 30-60% of the total booking amount depending on the itinerary and accommodations. You can pay the deposit by wire transfer (we offer bank accounts in multiple countries/currencies) or card (surcharge of 5% applies).

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Step 4. Confirming the Booking

If an advance payment or deposit is made within the given window, we proceed with the next steps. For card payments, clients get instant, auto confirmation mail about the deposit payment. For wire transfer, it can take 1-3 working days for the funds to reach us depending on your country. If you are paying deposit by wire transfer, we request you to share the wire transfer receipt or screenshot that shows our account details and the amount wired. We consider the funds paid through wire transfer as processed after the funds reflect in our bank account.

Once we receive the confirmation that your advance payment has been received (which is instant for card payments and 1-3 working days for wire transfers), within one working day, we will proceed to inform accommodations and airlines that its a confirmed booking and ask them to change the status from provisional reservation to confirmed reservation. (Our reservation team then continues to work with each of the accommodation partners to arrange deposit payments required as per our contracts with them to confirm the reservation.)

Within 3 working days after receiving the confirmation on advance payment, we create an online voucher that sumarizes your tour details that includes itinerary, accommodations, room configuration, meal plan for each day, pickup/drop off details, briefing/feedback timings, inclusions, exclusions, special notes, cancellation policy, deposit payment details and balance payment links.

We send the link to this voucher by email along with requesting information like your passport copies and any other missing information. We request you to go through the voucher carefully and let us know if there are any corrections to be done or additional information to be added. Along with voucher link we also send some important information like what to bring for tour etc.

Domestic Flight tickets (if included in your tour) will be shared about a week before your travel dates.

Remaining balance for the tour can be paid in multiple ways. If opting to pay through wire transfer, it must be paid two weeks before the tour starts. Balance payment can be also made with a card with a 5% surcharge. Or, if you wish to pay in cash, you will have to pay in USD notes that have been printed after 2009. Cash will be collected by the team that will meet you before your safari in Tanzania.

If you need to cancel the tour for any reason, you need to send us a mail. The cancellation policy(as shared by email during the booking process) will be applicable based on the number of days between your cancellation request mail date and day 1 of your tour. If there is any refund applicable, it will be processed to your bank account or your card (same mode of payment you opted to make deposit payment)

Our online customer support team will be available to respond to your mails and messages till you arrive in Africa. Once you arrive for your safari tour, our ground operations team will meet you and you can contact either them or the online customer support team for any assistance required.

We hope to see you in Africa!


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