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1. Which route do you want to take to trek Kilimanjaro?

Please select which route you wish to take while climbing Kilimanjaro.

Machame (6-7 days)

Most scenic & popular.
Good acclimatization.
Success rate: 88-95%

Lemosho (7-8 days)

Quieter & scenic.
Good acclimatization.
Success rate: 90-96%

Marangu (5-6 days)

Easier & less expensive.
Poor acclimatization.
Success rate: 80-85%

Northern circuit (8-9 days)

Longest, remote & scenic.
Very good acclimatization.
Success rate: 95-98%

Rongai (6-7 days)

Quieter, easier & remote.
Good acclimatization.
Success rate: 86-93%

Umbwe (6-7 days)

Most challenging route.
Very Poor acclimatization.
Success rate: 50-60%

Not sure

We will suggest best-suited route based on your requirements

2. How big is your party?

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3. Do you prefer a group joining trek or a private trek?

In a group joining trek, you might be joined by other people. In a private trek, you will be only with your group of friends.

4. When are you planning for the Trek?

Give us an idea of when you are planning to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. If you are not sure, tentative dates are fine.

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Our Reviews

Rated 5.0/5.0 on TripAdvisor.

Great, reliable and safe

"From the outset of booking to the trip itself, everything was very smooth and professional. The company were very flexible with the fact that I was unsure if I wanted to do 6 or 7 days and although I booked 7 they let me move into the 6 day group once I had made up my mind. The food was very good..."
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Annabel L

Great organisation!

"The trip was very well organised, the tents, food and rental equipment were first class. But most importantly, the guides and the porters who accompanied us on our trip were simply amazing. I have nothing but admiration for these men who (sometimes literally) dragged us up the mountain."
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Nadja N

Trip of a life time!

"I couldn’t have chosen better!This whole experience was more than amazing. As a single female traveler, I was a little nervous about traveling to Tanzania by myself, going to Kilimanjaro and a safari. I booked everything through Monkey Adventures, airport transfers, hotels, the climb and the safari. I’m so glad I did, everything went perfectly! "
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Isabelle shaw


"6 of us ladies went on the 7 day Lemosho route with guides Dennis and Nasri. Dennis’s team was INCREDIBLE! All of the porters, guides, and cooks were so accommodating, they went above and beyond what would be expected for service!... "
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Breanna Rogers

Extremely pleased!

"Organising the trip prior to arrival Monkey Adventures was very professional and quick to answer any questions. The trip itself was an amazing experience I will never forget. They were very helpful in any matter and looked after everybody in the group - and their positive energy and attitude was second to none. Bravo! "
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Jacob Buus

Amazing and Fun Experience!

"I had the chance to reach the top of Africa via Machame with Monkey Adventures. I was amazed by the service and ths support they provided. Everything was clearly explained from the first briefing. The guides (Tino and Jonathan) took the safety of the climbers very seriously, but... "
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Wonderful experience

"The crew was amazing, the food was great and abundant and compatible with our needs (eg. Vegetarian options). Most importantly, the guides kept on supporting and motivating our whole group of 8 who made it all to the summit with no difficulties. I would highly recommend to anyone to book with Monkey Adventures..."
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Highly recommended

"I booked my 8 Day hike of Mt Kilimanjaro with Monkey Adventures, summiting in October. I highly reccommend Monkey Adventures. During the booking process they responded quickly to all my questions, which were many... "
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Sharon S